‘Deadpool’ Box Office Returns Are In — Lots Of Records Broken!

deadpool box office

Deadpool just made the movie marketing industry very happy with an estimated $135 million opening weekend. That beats out The Matrix Reloaded (at $91.7 million) for a record for the Largest R-rated Box-Office Weekend ever. That’s still just the start of the many records Deadpool broke while Ryan Reynolds started celebrating having a career again.

Deadpool, for example, can now also claim the Largest R-rated Thursday Preview Box-Office — although we initially thought the superhero was going to break the old Guardians of the Galaxy record. Instead, Deadpool‘s 12.7 million was beating out The Hangover Part II‘s $10.4 million preview in 2011. That helped Deadpool coast to the Largest Ever February Opening Day at $47.5 million, spanking the lovers of Fifty Shades of Grey (at $30.2 million, and just a lousy $8.6 million on its own Thursday previews. ).

Deadpool made $47.5 million on Friday alone, setting a new record for Largest Single-Day Box Office in February (sorry again, Fifty Shades). It looks like we can also add up the upcoming holiday returns for the Largest 4-Day President’s Day Weekend — estimated at $150 million.

That $135 million also gives Deadpool the Largest Winter Season Opening Ever, beating American Sniper‘s 89.2 million. It’s even the largest opening ever for 20th Century Fox, knocking out Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith at $108.4 million.

But there’s one record that was a lot closer than we ever expected. Deadpool obviously already has the Largest R-Rated Comic Adaptation Opening Weekend. It’s a blowout, but not like we expected. We were thinking about multiple adaptations of The Punisher (all three are underrated), plus Thirty Days of Night, the first Blade movie, Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd, Watchmen, The Crow, V for Vendetta — but we completely forgot about 300.

Not even close. Deadpool at $135 million compared to 300 at $70.8 million.

So what does this mean? A lot more R-rated comic book movies, people! Add in the diversity push, and we can expect one hell of a Luke Cage: Hero for Hire film in our future! Also, the multiple mad marketing pushes for Deadpool really paid off, so expect to see the PR departments having a lot more fun. We’re pretty sure there’s a Deadpool sequel happening, too, and Ryan Reynolds is having an Elvis weekend. Good for him. Now how do we dispose of every copy ever made of Wolverine: Origins?

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