Amy Lindsay — The Adult Actress Who Shamed Ted Cruz [PHOTOS]

Amy Lindsay is the porn star who shamed Ted Cruz — except the lady whose cameo made Ted Cruz yank a campaign ad isn’t really a porn star. She’s a softcore porn star. That means she doesn’t do penetration. It may look like she’s having sex with guys and gals, but Amy always wears a “guard,” as they say in the industry.
But it is true that Amy — who’s a proud graduate of the University of Texas in Austin — has starred in movies like Kinky Sex Club, Deviant Whores, and Sin City Diaries. She’s also gone mainstream with appearances on Sex Sent Me to the ER, and a recent The Hills Have Eyes knockoff called Betrothed.

Amy also identifies as a Christian conservative, so it kind of sucks that Ted Cruz pulled a (pretty  good) campaign spot called “Conservatives Anonymous,” where disappointed voters admit they voted for candidates who turned into typical Washington insiders. Amy played a concerned Christian who chided another disappointed Republican that he “should vote for more than just a pretty face next time.”
“The actress responded to an open casting call,” said Cruz spokesperson Catherine Frazier, who wanted to make it clear that no one with the campaign was a fan.  “She passed her audition and got the job.” We’re proud fans of Amy, though, and check in regularly on her Instagram account. Take a look at some highlights from there, and vote for staying with Amy even after Cruz dumped her…

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