Colombian Model Arrested For Kidnapping And Torturing Her Rival

As we’ve just learned from Colombian models Yeimi and Claudia Rey, the world of Latina models can get pretty cutthroat. The two sisters have been accused by police of kidnapping and torturing another model, Carolina Munoz. Yeimi was caught yesterday after trying to fly out of Bogota into Miami.
Daily Mail
According to Yeimi and Claudia Rey, Carolina created a couple of fake social media accounts and then posted photos of the two sisters before they had plastic surgery online. Carolina admits that she did this, but only because the Rey sisters had written disparaging remarks about her online.
That’s when Yeimi and Claudia took things a little too far. According to Carolina:

They bundled her into a car and: ‘They bit me, tortured me, they pulled my hair, cut off my clothes, they left me bald, they electrocuted me.
They told me they were going to kill me, that they knew very powerful people and wouldn’t be sent to jail, that I was the one who would end up losing and next time they will throw acid on my face and destroy my life.’

Furthermore, the two sisters are accused of robbing Carolina and then posting naked photos of her online anyways.
I don’t want to involve myself in a situation where I don’t know all the facts, but I’m going to do it anyways because that’s what I do here at COED. So here it goes:
I’m firmly on the side of Yeimi and Claudia here. Not because they’re hands down better looking than Carolina, but because they’re just better than Carolina at everything they do. Carolina wants to start post pre-surgery pictures? Fine. Yeimi and Claudia will just  kidnap you, torture you, leave you bald, threaten to destroy your face with acid, rob you, dump you naked on the side of the road and then post your nudes.
Good luck one upping that. Here are Yeimi’s hottest photos.

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