Whole Foods Just Wants to Be Hip, Might Include Tattoo Parlors in Their Stores

In a desperate plea for millennial support, Whole Foods is making plans to get hipsters on their side with a bold move: alongside wet kale and freshly made guacamole, you’ll also have the opportunity to brand yourself. Literally.

The astronomically priced supermarket chain is planning on opening a more affordable version complete with a tattoo parlor and record store. So not only can you get that puke-colored green juice you’re always sucking down, but you can also get the exact cup tattooed on your arm while picking up The Smiths in vinyl. Hipsters, rejoice.

Called Whole Foods 365, the company wants to “partner with start-ups as well as established brands across a variety of categories to help enhance the 365 experience,” according to their website.

While no vendors have been named yet, we have big hopes, considering the stores are directly aimed towards millennials and we have impeccably high standards.

Whole Foods announced last year that it would open a separate chain aimed atMillennials that’s more focused on convenience and lower prices. The strategic shift comes as Whole Foods has lost market share in the organic, fresh and natural grocery space because those kinds of products have become more available at mainstream grocery chains.

The first store will be opened in Los Angeles in May.

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