Men Weigh In On Their Perfect Woman & The Final Result Is Pretty Legit

When you ask a man about their perfect woman, the responses tend to vary. There’s the guy who prefers the blonde haired, blue eyed girl next door type, and the one who likes something more exotic. The one who prefers more curves while another is into the whole “I’m a model” look. But dating site WhatsYourPrice is putting differences aside and coming up with a more conclusive answer.
The dating site, which allows men to bid on dates with women, based their findings off the total amount of money men are willing to pay in order to get a date with certain types of women.
The study revealed that preferences have seriously shifted over the last year. In 2015, the most desirable attributes were golden locks and light eyes, while this year’s stats yielded opposite results.
Here’s a quick breakdown:
Apparently men prefer hair like Mila Kunis’ or Kate Beckinsale’s, eyes like Selena Gomez‘s, Jessica Alba‘s, or Beyonce‘s, and a darker complexion (typically of Middle Eastern descent) like Kim Kardashian‘s.
“When you think about the all American beauty, the picture of a blonde, blue-eyed bombshell usually comes to mind,” explained Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of WhatsYourPrice. “Our study shows a major shift in America’s definition of The Perfect Woman.”
However, there is one thing that managed to stay the same: their love for supermodels. The average desirable height was 5’9 – four inches taller than the average American woman – and a toned and athletic body type.
Luckily not all of the men profiled were shallow f*cks. Each dude also wanted their lady to have a college degree, like Emma Watson.
Think this Franken-babe will be easy to find? One can only hope.
[H/T: The Daily Mail]

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