LISTEN: Young Thug, Slime Season 3: New Album

Young Thug, everyone’s favorite American rapper who’s invented a language of his own, released his new album Slime Season 3 today–although he now claims it’s called I’m Up.
I’ll get right to the point. I am in no way, shape, or form a Young Thug fan. He’s so f*cked up on drugs all the time (think Lil Wayne five or six years ago, but without the critical acclaim or success) that I’m not entirely convinced even he understands what he’s talking about.
The first track on the album, “F Cancer,” literally never mentions cancer once. I chose not to listen to any more of the songs because, like I said earlier, I think he sucks.
That being said, if you f*ck with Young Thug, you’ll probably like his newest effort.
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Slime Season 3 / I’m Up Track List

1. F Cancer
2. My Boys (feat. Trouble, Ralo, Lil Durk)
3. For My People (feat. Duke)
4. King TROUP
5. Ridin (feat. Lil Durk)
6. Hercules
7. Special (feat. Offset and Solo Lucci)
8. Bread Winners (feat. Young Butta)
9. Family (feat. Dora and Dolly)

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