Temple Police Investigate After Car Was Covered in Swastika & Racial Slurs

Swastika Temple


After a slight snowfall earlier this morning, Temple students awoke to find the following: a car behind White Hall on Carlisle Street covered in a swastika and the n-word.

According to The Tab, a member of the BSU executive board spotted the car earlier this morning on her way to work and sent it out to the rest of the executive board.

Here’s what it looked like:

Temple University Racial Slurs


Temple junior Kelly Dawson elaborates:

Kelly, who is also the BSU President said: “A member of the executive board saw this while walking to work this morning and sent it out to the rest of our executive board.”

She added: “I was thinking of contacting the police because there should be cameras in the area. We were going to look into reporting this as a hate crime.”

Dawson immediately tweeted the photo once in her possession and got responses similar to her initial reaction. It has already been retweeted over 100 times.

Temple has since released a statement saying the incident is under investigation.

And outrage has already sparked on social media.


[H/T: The Tab]

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