Charlotte McKinney Lets It All Hang Out in GQ Mexico, One HUGE Reason Why We Shouldn't Build a Wall

Charlotte McKinney makes most days better. Especially when you’re scanning through her Instagram account and, in between the countless bikini photos and pouty-faced selfies, you see a brand new photo shoot where she strips down to nothing but her hot body.
Days don’t get much better than that.
The sexy blonde supermodel snagged a cover shoot for GQ Mexico‘s February 2016 issue and let’s just say the magazine will definitely be selling issues. The cover features McKinney wearing nothing but some weird red thing that only covers her shoulders, and a red hat (which also shows up in one of the inside photos). Damn you red hat.
Check out her hot photos below.




Sarah McDaniel: Hottest Photos on the Internet
Sarah McDaniel: Hottest Photos on the Internet
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