Dude Claims He’s Slept With 400+ Women & That It’s Ruined His Life

You’re going to hate Benny James.

The 22-year-old from Croydon claims that he’s managed to sleep with over 400 women, and says that because of it, his life is in shambles.

F*ck you, Benny James.

In a recent interview with Metro, James claims having too much sex has ruined his life because he feels no attraction to the ladies he’s banging after they do the deed. Considering he also claims that he wants to settle down and start a family, this tends to be an issue.

“Since the start of the year I’ve been out with six girls – one for a whole week,” he explains. “I’ve tried to calm down the sex – I’m only sleeping with about two each week now. But when they’re easy my willy doesn’t come up after the first time we have sex.” Poor willy.

But I mean… is this real though? It sounds pretty f*cking weird. Not to mention, he is literally the worst, so I’m confused about who would actually sleep with him in the first place.

When girls leave clothes at my house 😩😂 pic.twitter.com/49dufgaAqN

— Benny James (@Beno_ldn) February 2, 2016

I can't deal with these girls 😩😂 #MoveToBoys2016 pic.twitter.com/c695ykzDTU

— Benny James (@Beno_ldn) January 2, 2016

You know your gonna end up getting a shag when your on a 2 do list 😂 pic.twitter.com/o7nUzHmcgF

— Benny James (@Beno_ldn) December 9, 2015

Aside from those little nuggets of gold, he’s also constantly posting photos of girls sans clothing. However, James has since identified his “addiction” and plans on looking for ways to fix it:

“I look at them and all they want from me is sex but I can’t give it to them. They could be Rhianna but it doesn’t matter. I’m really bored of having sex all the time. Sex has ruined my life. When I find a girl I really like I try and put off sex as I know I won’t chat to them after that. It’s my natural instinct.”

… He said that his intimate encounters have left him feeling lonely and rejected.

Quit your f*cking whining, grow a pair, and get over yourself. There – problem solved.

[H/T: BroBible]

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