Sasha Banks: Hottest Photos of The WWE Wrestler

Beyond the fact that she seriously could be the hottest female WWE Wrestler in the industry, the fact that Sasha Banks was told that she would never make it truly does make her just that much hotter! A pint-sized spit fire with tons of talent and loads of hotness to match; Sasha Banks truly is one incredible knock-out of a wrestler.
Although she was born in California, WWE wrestler Sasha Banks spent her childhood moving from place to place due to her family needing to find hospitals that would help with her brothers disabilities. Growing up Sasha had a love for watching All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, which obviously panned out pretty well for her! But it wasn’t until she landed in Boston, MA that she decided to venture into wrestling and went on to train at Chaotic Wrestling. Making her way into the ring for the first time in 2010 as Mercedes KV, she went on to change her name to Miss Mercedes when she debuted with the NWA, and changed it yet again in 2012 to Sasha Banks when she signed on board with WWE NXT.
A true blue ‘Knock-out’ of a wrestler, Sasha Banks not only packs one heck of a punch with her incredible fighting skills; she’s basically inspirational all around. Check out gorgeous WWE wrestler Sasha Banks in her hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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