Major Feel Alert: Guy Proposes To Dime Girlfriend With Epic Fake Movie Trailer

Everyone loves a good ol’ viral marriage proposal, right? Good, cause this one’s as good as they come.

On February 3, Brooklyn residents (of course this happened in Brooklyn) Erika and her boyfriend Alex went to see a movie at the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But when they got to the theater, it was empty, and instead of the usual rom-com or comic book movie trailers, a different video came on the screen.

Early candidate for Bro Of The Year, Alex turned their 17 year long relationship into an epic movie trailer.

The two met in elementary school and then reconnected 17 years later. They dated for three years, and now after last night, they’re getting married. Stories like this are almost exclusively plot lines for cheesy romantic comedies, so it’s great to see something like this happen in real life.

I only have one minor issue with the video. Alex, bro, Valentine’s Day is two weeks away, how are you possibly going to top this? I mean, I get you’re excited to begin the rest of your life with your beautiful wife, but waiting another two weeks wouldn’t have killed you. Two birds with one stone, bro, two birds with one stone. Also, I wonder if they actually stayed for a movie, or hightailed it home to, uh, celebrate.

What? No … I’m not crying. Pshhh. Love is for suckers man.

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