Polar Bear 2016: Best Photos & Videos From SIU’s Biggest Party

Polar Bear 2016, one of the biggest parties at Southern Illinois University, is now finished and in the books. The weather was a balmy 33 degrees, but the Salukis braved near-freezing temperatures armed with nothing but comfortable beer jackets and coozies to keep their drinks cold.

Most of the partying started early in the morning with kegs and eggs. Thousands of students wilding out in the off-campus apartments. The usual. But those lucky individuals who managed to make it past 7 PM (or who made the smart decision to nap early) were also eligible for some great deals and music at Pinch Penny.

Thankfully this year there wasn’t as much police activity at Polar Bear. Some of you may remember last year when the authorities had to resort to pepper spray. Although that being said, there was a shooting that may or may not have been related to the party. But what’s a rager without some gunplay, amirite?

We got tagged and DM’d tons of party photos from over the weekend, so it was tough to choose the craziest. Check out our collection of pics and videos below!

Special shoutout to @SIDrunks for getting everyone stoked for Polar Bear, setting up all the bar deals, and everything else.

Solar Bear Videos

We’re still waiting on an epic video from our boy Rashad, so stay on the lookout for that. We’ll embed it as soon as it’s done.

Friends that shotgun together, stay together. ❤️ #PolarBear @COED @SIDrunks @SIUPartyschool @party_at_SIU pic.twitter.com/iyaU1Y3qVy

— Madison (@MadisonHarmon1) January 31, 2016

I found the hippie Drake at #PolarBear2016 @COED @SIDrunks pic.twitter.com/U0NWJaPsbo

— Sophia Baltz (@TheSophiaBaltz) February 1, 2016

Solar Bear Photos

This past weekend in Southern Illinois looked pretty lit.

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