PSU Student Kyle Spittle Makes Sick Body Armor & You’re Going to Want a Piece

Despite being part of the intense mechanical engineering program, Penn State freshman Kyle Spittle manages to make time for a pretty sick side project – he makes full body armor. Kid looks like he stepped right out of a f*cking videogame on the daily.

Spittle credits his artistic talent to an early interest in knights and castles, and to his parents for embracing his creativity.

According to the lengthy profile in the school paper The Collegian, Spittle would spend hours analyzing the armor worn by knights, and eventually turned his fascination into art. Interested in the looks of fictional characters in videogames, Spittle started making his own versions about two years ago. So far he has made two suits, one based off the militia faction from Titanfall and the other the recruit in Halo.

“The best part is giving people something to see that they don’t normally get to see,” he explains. AKA, he’s not afraid to work around PSU in full armor. We admire that.

When LOGIC, a popular rapper, performed on Jan. 22 in Alumni Hall, Spittle was also in the HUB donning one of his body suits. He said he took over 150 pictures with people waiting in line to see the rapper.

“People from across the line were shouting at me to come over,” Spittle said.

Yeah, we want that.

[H/T: The Collegian]

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