Justin Bieber Spotted in North Hollywood Gay Bar Drinking Alone

We’ve always suspected Justin Bieber took a liking to sausage. And that’s despite the fact that he’s managed to prey on every single hot girl in Hollywood. Selena Gomez, Yovanna Ventura, Hailey Baldwin, some hot British model we don’t know – the list is endless! But it makes sense – the dude can sing (that’s objective), he has a ton of cash, and the youth are stupid, hence why we still saw him swimming in the dude pond regardless of past hookups.

According to a recent report from TMZ, our suspicions weren’t too far off. Apparently the Biebs was flying solo during a night out in North Hollywood when he decided to make a pit stop at some random gay bar and have a beer. Speaks for itself, right?

We’re told Justin walked into Club Cobra on Saturday at around 9 PM with only one bodyguard and ordered a beer.

We spoke to the club’s bouncer, who got a pic with JB … he tells us he doesn’t think Justin knew it was a gay bar. No one was there, except for the bartender and staff.

Riiiiight. Likely story. The article continued with:

The bar — which has events like Wayback Wednesdays and Forbidden Fridayz — doesn’t get hoppin’ till 10:30ish on weekends … the dancers come on at 11. Justin left around 10 PM, so it was likely a 1 OAK pre-game pit stop.

Sure, yeah, whatever. We have all of the information we need here – our mind is made up.

Selena, call us up.

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