This Chick Trapped Her Cheating Boyfriend & Caught The Whole Thing on Video

So, here’s the thing about dating apps – people lie when they’re on them. Who’s to say that smoking hot Victoria’s Secret Angel-esque girl you’re talking to isn’t actually a hairy, overweight dude named Bubba? Exactly, you will never know. Unless you meet them in person, which if you’re anything like this guy, won’t work out well for you either.

This Abercrombie-loving bro named Sam thought he was meeting up with his hot sidepiece at the mall, but instead was bombarded by his current girlfriend and her iPhone camera. Sucks to be dumb. And to be a cheater.

Before they meet up with Sam, the girlfriend reveals that she’s been in contact with the chick he’s been talking to. A masterful plan ladies. Naturally, Sammy boy is less than enthused.

Check it out in the video below.

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