LISTEN: Sia, This Is Acting Stream: New Album

Sia This Is Acting

Australian musician Sia’s new album This Is Acting just released, so go ahead and start streaming it now. The new record, completely written by Sia herself, has more than a few tracks that were originally intended for other artists (like Adele, Rihanna, and Beyonce) but were passed on. While most musicians would shy away from releasing that kind of information, you may or may not already know that Sia is not like most musicians.

As Pitchfork was able to put it, “to Sia’s immense credit, This Is Acting doesn’t necessarily sound like a slapdash collection of demos or B-sides. It’s a complete piece of work.”

But enough about the album. You want to listen to it. So let’s listen to it.

Stream This Is Acting

This is Acting is available on Spotify, so listen to the album via the embedded player here.

Download This Is Acting

This Is Acting is available for download from iTunes for $9.99.

This Is Acting Track List

1. Bird Set Free
2. Alive
3. One Million Bullets
4. Move Your Body
5. Unstoppable
6. Cheap Thrills
7. Reaper
8. House on Fire
9. Footprintes
10. Sweet Design
11. Broken Glass
12. Space Between

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