These Are The Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders You’ll See In The 2016 Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

There’s no question that being an NFL cheerleader is hard work, so you might be happy to learn that every team sends one of the cheerleaders to the Pro Bowl every year.

Of course sending one cheerleader to Hawaii isn’t as rewarding as, say, paying the entire squad a salary because they’re devoted employees–but it’s a start.

How the teams pick their Pro Bowl cheerleader changes from team to team, but generally they tend to be veterans who’ve been with the team for a little while. We’d also like to add that it seems that the rest of the cheerleading squad is genuinely happy for the winner, as opposed to being bitter they didn’t get chosen for an awesome trip to Hawaii. That’s the kind of team spirit you like to see from professionals.

Check out the beautiful women that were deservedly selected for the 2016 Pro Bowl in the gallery below.

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