Michael Phelps Distracts Oregon State Free Throw Shooter With a Speedo

Michael Phelps knows how to win a game. Last night during the ASU, Oregon State basketball game the school’s new swim coach went all out when he stripped down to a speedo to distract an OSU free thrower. They wound up winning 86-68.

The Beavers’ free-throw shooter, Stephen Thompson Jr., missed both shots during Phelps’ speedo show in front of him. Makes sense, considering he legit put on a performance with fellow students.

Here’s how it went down:

Yo @SportsCenter, we've got a 20-point lead and @MichaelPhelps like we've never seen him before. #SCtop10? #SCtop10! https://t.co/XqaxDR4agg

— Arizona State Sun Devils (@TheSunDevils) January 29, 2016

WHAT A NIGHT. @MichaelPhelps joins the Curtain, Oregon State misses 2 FTs, Savon dunks and U-S-A chant erupts. pic.twitter.com/CPZqqk2ZHf

— Arizona State Sun Devils (@TheSunDevils) January 29, 2016



The 30-year-old is currently in Tempe training for the 2016 Olympics with his coach, Bob Bowman, who is also the coach of the ASU swim team. Here’s hoping he keeps this sort of thing up.

Let's go @942Crew !! pic.twitter.com/QAiwJSEN3l

— Michael Phelps (@MichaelPhelps) January 29, 2016

My dudeeeee @MichaelPhelps 🏅 pic.twitter.com/nh68aNyvWD

— Sparky the Sun Devil (@SparkyArizonaSt) January 29, 2016

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