LISTEN: Bloc Party, Hymns Stream: New Album

Bloc Party’s Hymns released today after the band’s three year hiatus. It’s their fifth studio album. Known for their indie hits like “Banquet” and “Helicopter,” Bloc Party takes steps in new directions with this album. The album is pretty different from their previous works, so we definitely suggest checking it out.

Prior to the release of Hymns, Block party released three singles. The first single released was “The Love Within”. The slow starting song gives us something familiar of classic indie Bloc Party.

Then they moved more into newer territory with “The Good News,” which moves the band into new more a guitar orientated focus. Check it out below.

Stream Bloc Party’s Hymns

Block Party is offering a stream of Hymns via Spotify. We’ve embedded that player for you below.

Buy Bloc Party’s Hymns on iTunes

The fastest and one of the most legal ways to get Hymns (Deluxe Edition) would be to buy it from the iTunes store. The Deluxe Edition which is available through the iTunes store come with three extra songs.

Buy Bloc Party’s Hymns on Amazon

If you don’t feel or like dealing with Apple you have options. You can get the MP3, CD, and or the vinyl here on Amazon.

Bloc Party’s Hymns Track List

01 “The Love Within”
02 “Only He Can Heal Me”
03 “So Real”
04 “The Good News”
05 “Fortress”
06 “Different Drugs”
07 “Into The Earth”
08 “My True Name”
09 “Virtue”
10 “Exes”
11 “Living Lux”
12 “Eden” *
13 “Paradiso” *
14 “New Blood” *
15 “Evening Song” *

* Deluxe edition bonus track

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