This Grieving Family Was Less Than Thrilled When a Hardcore Adult Film Played During Son’s Funeral

What started out as a sad story quickly turned into a horrifying one when friends and family of Simon Lewis, 33, were smacked in the face by a hardcore adult film during his funeral. WTF?!

The ceremony, which took place on January 27 at Cardiff’s Thornhill Crematorium in the UK, was for Lewis and his newborn son. The service was supposed to include a tribute to Lewis and his wife, and was to be played on the funeral home’s four large television screens. Instead it was replaced by a risqué adult video hard to ignore by surrounding mourners.

“It was absolutely disgusting,” an anonymous funeral goer told Wales Online. “It took them nearly four minutes to turn it off, people couldn’t believe what they were seeing.”

Reverend Lionel Fanthrope also had something to say about it.

“I look at my congregation instead of the TV screen,” he explains. “But when I heard this noise and members of the congregation moving towards the screen, I realized something was wrong.”

Wow, awkward.

While the crematorium has since written the family an apology and plans to further investigate WTF happened, it doesn’t look like the family will be recommending the place to anyone anytime soon.

Said Fanthorpe, ”I was extremely saddened for the family at losing Simon and the baby, and this was not what anybody could have ever imagined or wanted. My heart goes out to all the friends and family present.”

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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