Victoria Azarenka: Hottest Photos of The Tennis Player

Beginning her love for tennis at the age of 7, it’s really not too big of a surprise that professional tennis player Victoria Azarenka has became such an inspiring tennis sensation over the course of her career. But given the fact that she’s only 26, it’s still pretty dang impressive just how much this woman has accomplished within her time! The fact that she’s also super hot, well, that’s just an added bonus.

Born in Belarus, Victoria Azarenka made her move to Scottsdale, Arizona to begin training to become the sensational tennis star that she is today. She made her tennis debut in 2003 in the ITF junior tour in Israel, and in turn brought home her first title right off the bat. Now, a former No.1 tennis sensation with numerous titles to her name along with an Olympic bronze metal winner, it’s pretty safe to say that Victoria Azarenka is easily one of the hottest young tennis players around!
Super talented and absolutely gorgeous, professional tennis sensation Victoria Azarenka is indeed one impressive athlete all around. But, not only is she impressive of the court; she’s also incredibly nice to look at! See for yourself by checking out Victoria Azarenka’s hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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