Kristin Cavallari: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Kristen Cavallari

When we first got to witness the gorgeous, slender, model-like Kristin Cavallari on MTV’s hit reality-themed series The Hills back in 2009, we just couldn’t help but admire just how friggin’ hot she was! The fact that her character wasn’t necessarily known for being the nicest girl around didn’t even matter one bit; have you seen this woman? Sometimes, good lucks truly do conquer all.

Now, nearly 7 years later, we still can’t help but oogle over the hotness that Kristin Cavallari possesses! She might be a mom now, but jeez.. this woman truly does appear to just keep on getting better with time! Between appearing in numerous TV series and films and dancing her cute little butt off like a pro on season 13 of Dancing With The Stars, we’ve just got to say that we can only hope that Kristin Cavallari will be sticking around for a little bit longer!

Did we mention that she’s super hot? Ok, let’s not get too repetitive. But seriously though, if you’re in need of a mind blowingly hot reminder.. check out Kristin Cavallari’s hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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