Kia Proctor, Cam Newton's Girlfriend: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor have been dating since 2013, since they were first seen together at the Kentucky Derby. She recently gave birth to his first child, Chosen Sebastian Newton, on Christmas Eve 2015.
Her past before Cam is a little more interesting. According to Terez Owens,  Proctor was once a model and stripper who went by the name Hazel. As you can tell by some of the pictures, it seems quite obvious. She worked at the Washington DC Stadium Club, before becoming a party host in the Atlanta area, where she presumably met Cam. Based on Instagram posts, Kia Proctor already has had a daughter before she met Cam.

We were actually able to uncover a video from here modeling days, which is below the gallery.

Fun fact: “Hazel” gave birth to Cam’s first child around 8-9 months after he signed his monster $100 million contract. If I were Cam, I’d be real, real, careful.
Just sayin’.

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