Super Bowl 50 Odds: Panthers vs. Broncos Betting Line & Details

Super Bowl 50 Betting Odds Gambling Line

If you’re at all interested in gambling, Super Bowl 50 odds and betting lines are going to be the focus of your attention for the next two weeks as we approach the big Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos game on Sunday, February 7th 2016.

Most of the money bet will come the Friday before the Super Bowl, so expect a good amount of action to happen at the last second.

Over / Under

The over under in Vegas seems to be hovering around 44 or 44.5, although that could change depending on a number of factors as we closer to Super Bowl 50.

It’s interesting to note that before the final whistle of the Panthers game, the Vegas “look ahead” lines of a Panthers vs Broncos matchup was only 43 points on most sites. But with the heavy action (one site estimates that over 80% of bets came in on the side of the Panthers) on Carolina, the number has now jumped a point and a half. Only one site, Treasure Island, has the line at 46.

Just an FYI: the Panthers have turned in 4 OVER games in their last 5 games and the Broncos have turned in five UNDER games in their last seven.

Thoughts On The Over:

If you’re thinking about taking the over, chances are that you believe the Carolina Panthers are going to have a field day on the Broncos, as Denver’s offense looked mighty unimpressive against the Patriots. We’re of the opinion that the Panthers have a better defense than the Patriots, so that’s not a good sign for what the Broncos have to come up with.

The Panthers do have the 1 scoring offense (500 points scored) in the NFL and the sixth-highest scoring defense in the NFL. Of course, all of that stems from what Cam Newton has time to accomplish. Denver’s front line will try to confuse Cam with blitzes, coverages and pressure, but the Panthers offensive line has shown promise all year.

Thoughts On The Under:

That being said, if you still believe that defense is going to be the name of the game, then you should bet the under.

Both the Panthers and the Broncos have top defenses in the NFL, so there’s a good (not a great) chance that neither team gets it going offensively.

Point Spreads

The Carolina Panthers opened at a -3.5 point favorite over the Denver Broncos, which many experts are saying is disrespectful of a team with the #1 seed, home field advantage, 15 wins, and the most dominant QB in the game today. Apparently these experts weren’t alone in their beliefs, and now the line is sitting at -4 or -4.5 (depending on which site you’re using).

If you believe in the Panthers, it’s probably best to get in on the action as soon as possible since the trend seems to be bumping the line up more.

Odds as of January 25th:

BetOnline: -4.5
Ceasar’s Palace: -4.5
WestGate: -4.5 -5
5Dimes: -4.5
TopBet: -5

Prop Bets

The final score won’t be the only aspect that people will be betting on during Super Bowl 50. While this certainly isn’t the full list, here are a few of the more interesting ones from

O/U on the score after the 1st quarter: 9.5

O/U on the score at halftime: 22.5

Odds on Super Bowl going to overtime: 7/1

Odds on kicker missing an extra point: Brandon McManus 25/1; Graham Gano: 19/1

Odds on who finishes with more sacks: Broncos: 2/3; Panthers: 6/5

O/U on total sacks: 4.5

O/U on total turnovers: 3

Odds of scoring a defensive touchdown: Carolina: 2/1; Denver 8/3

Odds to win Super Bowl MVP: Cam Newton 8/11; Peyton Manning 4/1; Jonathan Stewart 12/1; Von Miller 18/1;Luke Kuechly 18/1; Greg Olsen 22/1; Emmanuel Sanders 22/1

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