Emily Ferguson: Hottest Photos Of The Bachelor Twins Contestant

You know that old saying ‘two is better than one’, well when it comes to the Bachelor 2016, we’re pretty sure that Ben Higgins is about to get his dang mind blown! How? Oh, you know, by having to choose between twin contestants Emily and Haley Ferguson; duh! But this isn’t about Haley, although we must admit.. she’s definitely just as hot. This is about Emily, and we just have to say that the Bachelor has never looked so friggin’ fine!

An itty bitty pint-sized blonde with incredibly good looks and what appears to be an awesome personality to go along with them, 23 year old Emily Ferguson is ready and willing to put up one heck of a fight on this years season of the Bachelor. The fact that she’s also willing to do so alongside her identical sister, well, that’s just bound to make things a whole lot more interesting! Hailing from Las Vegas, NV Emily works as a cocktail waitress at the Marquee nightclub in the Cosmopolitan hotel. But supposedly, she’s also training to be a pro cheerleader in her spare time, and is rumored to be studying Elementary Education at the University of Las Vegas.
Will one of these super-fine twins snag themselves the heart of bachelor Ben Higgins on the Bachelor 2016? Your guess is as good as ours! But regardless, twin contestant Emily Ferguson sure is mighty fine, isn’t she? Check out Emily Ferguson’s hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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