WATCH: Shock Top, TJ Miller Ad | Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Shock Top, comedian TJ Miller, and the tasty beer’s mascot Wedgehead are gearing up for what they’re calling the “Greatest Super Bowl Ad of All Time.”
Super Bowl 50 will be the first time that Shock Top will be entering the scary and expensive world of Super Bowl commercials, but VP of the brand Jake Kirsch told AdWeek that now is the time.

“The reality is that we haven’t grown as much in the last few years. The biggest piece of that challenge is that while we’re available, the majority of people don’t know who we are. And it’s awfully hard, even if you’re available, to get people to try you if they don’t know you.
If we’re going to relaunch, reignite, restage …  it’s about how do we reach as many people as possible and get known and filter through that clutter? And the Super Bowl is a great platform to do that with.”

In order to start getting the word out about getting the word out, Shock Top released a 90-second teaser for the commercial that was completely ad-libbed between TJ and Martin Montana (the voice of “Wedgehead”). That idea of ad-libbing is important to Shock Top, since their whole platform is based on the slogan “Live Life Unfiltered.”
[protected-iframe id=”d5ca0fb629c135ce359c9c199095cad6-3508545-22621496″ info=”″ width=”652″ height=”367″]

We’re excited for the commercial for a number of reasons, but mostly because TJ Miller has been on such a tear recently.

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