Aubrey Plaza: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Aubrey Plaza has been on our radar ever since Parks And Recreation was on the air. Known for her dry humor and brilliant comedic delivery, a year after Parks And Rec’s final season, it looks like Aubrey is getting the big break she deserves. Any break would be huge for Aubrey, in fact, as her only other recognizable roles other than Parks And Rec was Seth Rogen’s girlfriend in Funny People , and a starring role in 2012’s indie Safety Not Guaranteed. 
With a starring role in the upcoming Dirty Grandpa, Aubrey will hopefully get the recognition as one fine as hell actress. We already knew how funny she was, but did anyone know she was this hot? I mean, obviously she’s always been cute, but she’s really stepped up her game the last couple of years.
Dirty Grandpa looks remarkably subpar, but Aubrey honestly seems like the only funny aspect of this movie. I mean, apparently there’s a scene where she licks Robert De Niro’s nipples, so theres that. Here’s to hoping she kills it, so she continues to be cast in roles like this.
So, in honor of Aubrey’s hottest role yet in Dirty Grandpa, we did the internet a favor and rounded up her 22 hottest photos.

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