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El Chapo Finally Busted, Arrested Because Of “Large Order of Tacos”


El Chapo Taco

The world’s largest drug lord Joaquin Guzman aka “El Chapo” had been on the run for months after escaping via tunnel from Mexican prison. While his exact whereabouts were unknown, authorities did know that he came out of hiding to have elective penis surgery in Tijuana. They also were aware that he had had meetings with actors Sean Penn and Katie Del Castillo.

But the final nail in El Chapo’s coffin came when one of his chief tunnel diggers had been followed to the town of Los Mochis, where they saw him coming in and out of a large building under renovation. Police, suspicious at first, knew they had the right place after an abnormally large order of tacos was made after midnight. A large security force like El Chapo’s has gotta eat, right?

The saddest part is that as amazing as it would be for marketing, the taco place he ordered from can’t use that as a sales pitch. You know, out of fear of being murdered.

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