Kylo Ren Goes “Undercover Boss” In Amazing SNL Skit

Star Wars Undercover Boss SNL Video

Saturday Night Live had Adam Driver hosting last night, which meant a Star Wars: The Force Awakens parody of some type — and, since this is post-1995 SNL, that meant a television parody of some kind. Still, we’re not complaining too much about Kylo Ren going on Undercover Boss to find out what the employees of a Starkiller Base really think of their ruler.

We’d have been a little bummed out to be in the audience and have to just watch the night’s big Force skit. That’s why we never accepting invites to be in the SNL audience, though. Everything that’s fun to watch (outside of the occasional musical guest) is taped beforehand nowadays. Undercover Ren is still pretty fun, though — and it counts as a high concept on SNL nowadays…

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