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Another SNL Highlight: NBC Releases David Bowie’s ‘Man Who Sold The World’ [VIDEO]


David Bowie SNL Man Who Sold The Earth Video

David Bowie is still dead, damn it, but here’s a pleasant surprise — NBC had released footage of Bowie performing “The Man Who Sold The World” on December 15, 1979. That was a pleasant surprise in itself for any fans who were alive back then. No one was expecting Bowie to dig up an old tune for the appearance. Also, hipsters of the time were excited to see new-wave operatic crooner Klaus Nomi showing up in the background. (That’s him in the black; he’d later be one of the first big arts figures to die of AIDS, passing on August 6, 1983.)

The guy in the red is Joey Arias, who’s remained an important figure in what’s left of the NYC underground. Some people might also notice Blondie keyboardist Jimmy Destri as part of the band. One of our favorite stories from the past week was Jimmy’s sister Donna talking about how her band had a gig that night, and everyone got together backstage to watch Bowie’s performance on a little black-and-white television backstage.

Donna later recorded a new-wavish disco version of “Rebel Rebel” in 1983. It’s kind of dopey, but fun — here’s a link to the video. And here’s David below in footage that doesn’t look really good, but still looks better than whatever version your pals posted on Facebook…

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