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WATCH: Aaron Rodgers’ (Ultimately Futile) Hail Mary Pass [VIDEO]


Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary Janis Video

Olivia Munn isn’t going to Super Bowl 50, but you can’t blame boyfriend Aaron Rodgers’ amazing Hail Mary pass to Green Bay’s Jeff Janis — which was a big thrill for Packers fans as the touchdown put the game into overtime. The game still ended with a 26-20 win for the Arizona Cardinals, as Larry Fitzgerald turned out to be the Cardinals’ biggest asset. The person who threw him the ball doesn’t have a movie-star girlfriend, though.

This was still a great game for all the teams involved. It was certainly the best game that we’ll ever see that also included quibbling over a coin toss. It actually had to be done over once the coin wasn’t sufficiently flipped. The thing just floated in the air to land exactly like how it was being held at the start. The game got better, though — and we can stare at this thing of beauty all day (we’re not talking about Olivia Munn right now)…


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