Meet Soraya Doolbaz: A Professional Penis Photographer (No, We're Not Joking)

If you’re still trying to decide what you want to do with your life, we have a valuable option for you to consider (or one that’ll at least help narrow down your list): penis photography.
And we’re not talking about those skillfully filtered Snapchats you send to randos at 2 a.m.
Meet Soraya Doolbaz, a photographer who fancies a dressed up d*ck. No, we’re not joking. The quirky artist runs Dicture Gallery, and recently told the New York Post that she came up with the idea after checking out some doll clothes.

“Back when I was single, I would get a ton of d*ck pics and my friends would get them, and we would show them to each other. Some d*ck pics were better than the other ones, and I thought, ‘What if I took them with a professional camera?’” She continues, “I was walking through a Walmart and I saw a couple of dolls. I just put two and two together and thought I could make a personality out of penises.”

Umm… alright then.
It’s been two years since Doolbaz first stood on a chair to get her perfect d*ck pic, and unlike the majority of starving artists in New York City, she managed to turn it into a pretty successful business. She’s since displayed prints at Art Basel – each of which were sold for $10,000 – and created an app where you can play dress up with your own dong.
Wow. I gotta say – nothing turns a girl on more than a penis posing as a Hasidic Jew. Shalom!

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