Kate del Castillo: Hottest Photos Of The Sean Penn El Chapo Interview Actress

Popular Mexican actress and daughter of famed Mexican actor Eric del Castillo, Kate del Castillo might not necessarily be widely known in US, but there’s a pretty good chance that is all bound to change ASAP! Why? Because she assisted Sean Penn in interviewing the notorious drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” about the possibility of making a film based on his wild and crazy life. But even more importantly.. because she also just so happens to be incredibly hot just to top it all off!

Update: Mexican authorities now report that El Chapo may have had a procedure to alleviate erectile disfunction, just days before his interview with Kate.

Until recently, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo wasn’t necessarily a US hit sensation. Although, she has appeared in a few US films and TV series over the years and is in the process of of preparing to star in the Netflix Spanish language series Ingobernable, Mexico was where she truly shined. But given the fact that she just assisted Sean Penn in interviewing one of Mexico’s most notorious drug lords about the possibility of making a film based off of his life, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo’s name has quickly made US head lines. But honestly, beyond her and Sean Peen’s secret jungle voyage into the mountains to interview legendary drug lord El Chapo, it really doesn’t hurt one bit that Kate del Castillo also just so happens to be super smokin’ hot either.

So if you’re wondering what this mysterious Mexican knock-out of an actress is all about here’s 22 incredibly hot photos of Kate del Castillo to assist in giving you a better idea of who Sean Pean’s El Chapo interviewing partner is; one incredibly hot Mexican actress who we seriously hope we’ll get to see more of!

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Golden Globes 2016: Best Actress, Drama
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