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New Movie Trailers: ‘Deadpool’ Goes After The Ladies, And More… [VIDEOS]


Deadpool Bachelor Spot Trailer Video

Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Revenant are battling it out at the box-office, and other movies are finally feeling up to rearing their head in the wake of the holiday hype season. That includes one certain superhero looking to expand his potential audience, plus some more mainstream films trying to convince us they’re worthwhile even though they’re not getting a summer release. There’s one historical epic that doesn’t have to convince us too much, though…

Deadpool (“For The Ladies” Trailer)

The marketing team keeps having fun with Deadpool as an offbeat superhero, with the psycho good guy addressing the camera here and appealing to a crossover audience. There’s a nice mix of crotch shots and new scenes here. Actually, we’re more interested in the marketing gimmick of insisting that the R-rated movie “has not yet been rated.” We think they’re hoping to keep conning parents who’ll bring in the kids without checking….

Elvis & Nixon

Yes, that’s Michael Shannon looking pretty lousy as Elvis, and Kevin Spacey not quite looking right as Nixon. That’s a disappointment, but we’re still intrigued by the idea of a movie capturing the moment that Elvis was inspired to visit Richard Nixon at the White House for one of the greatest photo ops of all time. We thought this was an HBO production, but maybe it’s getting a token theatrical release….

The Jungle Book

We know that it’s a kiddie movie, and we’ll probably remember that even as we’re getting drunk to catch a late-night screening — but, seriously, this looks really cool. You can join us and watch it now, or have to endure a screening in 14 years with a younger audience who’s looking back at this movie as a turning moment in twisting their young minds…..

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Chinese Trailer)

You might have already seen this movie. Still, take a look at how Finn barely exists in this version of the trailer. Actually, this looks more like BB-8 is the star of the movie. We’re still proud to have seen The Force Awakens in a country where Finn is allowed to be featured on the poster

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