Alabama Cheerleaders and Crimsonettes: Hottest Instagram Photos

Between the University of Alabama‘s epicly hot Crimson Tide Cheerleading squad and the equally amazing Million Dollar Band Crimsonettes, it’s pretty safe to say that the University of Alabama should probably win an award for the hottest side-line action to ever exist at a college level.

With a highly impressive cheer squad that consists of one incredible All-Girl squad coupled with a super-talented enthusiastic COED team, adding the infamously hot Million Dollar Band Crimsonettes to the mix simply sky rockets the excitement to the max! To put it simply, the University of Alabama’s Crimsonettes and Crimson Tide Cheerleader squad truly make for one heck of an entertaining two for one side-line deal.

Adorned from head to toe in red and white with tons of talent and loads of enthusiasm, these two add a spike of passionate team spirited energy to each and every University of Alabama sports event in which they attend. Check out the Alabama Cheerleaders and Crimsonettes hottest Instagram photos in the gallery below!

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Clemson Cheerleaders: Best Instagram Photos Of Cheerleading Squad
Clemson Cheerleaders: Best Instagram Photos Of Cheerleading Squad
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