These Are The 25 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2016

Most Anticipated Games Of 2016

Gaming is all about not being content with what you’ve got. It’s just as much looking away from the stack of games you’ve yet to finish to turn your eyes down the road to glimpse the next obsession. We’re always looking for bigger, better and bolder, and developers always deliver.

More than any other medium, games are evolutionary, improving on what’s come before to reach dizzying new heights. And that’s just what we demand to keep emptying our bank accounts to keep up with the new stuff.

With that never-satisfied perspective in mind, here’s a countdown of the 25 games we’re most excited to play in 2016. These are the games we’ll pre-order, then scour the internet for whatever screenshots, rumors or news updates that trickle out. We may be finishing up our backlogs from 2015 and before in the coming months, but our minds will be on these games.

**Bear in mind that this list doesn’t include annual releases, such as sports games or Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed or Battlefield titles that have yet to be announced but are sure to come out in 2016**

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