Jessica Strother: Keeping Leonardo DiCaprio Warm In St. Barths [PHOTOS]

Bar Refaeli announced that she’s pregnant a few days ago, and we thought Leonardo DiCaprio was probably feeling bad about how he dated the Israeli beauty for years but chose to go chasing after more supermodels instead of settling down. We were wrong. It turns out that Leonardo DiCaprio is in St. Barth’s and hanging out with exotic model Jessica Strother. Dang. Who saw that coming? [photo via…]
Well, it’s possible that Jessica Strother figured she’d be on Leonardo’s short list just about the same time she made the short list for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue sessions for 2014. That’s when the L.A. native caught our eye.

The 5’8″ femme already had a busy career, though. Jessica’s been a Victoria’s Secret model, and has built a big following through her Instagram account and Facebook photos. It’s kind of obvious from her pics that she’s a big Rihanna fan, and we’re hoping Leonardo doesn’t find out that she originally had dreams of doing love scenes with Zac Efron.
Not that we mind the idea of Jessica going into acting. She can already rock a lot of different looks. Check out a few of our favorites below, and figure that Leonardo already did the same while making his New Year’s plans. Now we’re hoping he never gets that Oscar…

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