Ines Sainz: Hottest Photos On The Internet Of The Mexican Reporter

Widely known for her impeccably hot hosting skills on the Mexican sports TV program DxTips, the fact that Ines Sainz matches her incredible journalism talent with impeccable hotness is simply out of this world! Did we mention that this woman is a total babe? Yeah, we just had to say that one more time.
Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Ines Sainz supposedly grew up as a sports lovin’ athletic tom boy. Imagining a woman this hot as a ‘tom boy’ might not be easy, but then again, there’s nothin’ like a hot athletic chick whose totally down to get her hands dirty sports style, right? Although her love for sports was always strong, Ines first debuted in the lime light as a swimwear model. Now, with an impressively long list of sports reporting work to her name, it’s really not too big of a surprise at all that FHM named her as the fifth sexiest woman sports reporter in the world in August 2009. But then again, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy everything that this gorgeous woman has to offer!

From a rough and tumble athletic tom boy, to an incredibly hot swimwear model, to one super smokin’ sports reporter; DxTips reporter Ines Sainz is simply an all around knock-out.
Don’t believe us? Check out Ines Sainz hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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