Laura Rutledge: Hottest Photos of The ESPN Sportscaster

When you originally make a name for yourself as a successful beauty pagaent winner, the whole ‘hotness’ thing kind of just goes without question! But when it comes to ESPN sportscaster Laura Rutledge, all of that hotness coupled with both raw talent and loads of enthusiasm, is more than enough to bring us running back for more! Does this one even really need an explanation? Probably not, but here goes nothin’!
Named Miss Florida in 2012, Laura Rutledge was destined to be in front of the camera long before she got her big sports broadcasting break. But when you’re this hot and you’ve also got a serious passion for sports; the sports broadcasting lime-light just can’t help but eat you up! Making her way into sportscaster-hood as sideline reporter for FoxSports, Laura ventured into the broadcasting realm by covering Fox broadcasts of Tampa Bay Rays games. Although she’s also hosted numerous events with FoxSports as well, this gorgeous sportscaster currently can be seen covering covering San Diego Padres games. That is as if you could have some how missed her! Have you seen this woman? She may just be a living dream.

From beauty pageants to sports broadcasting, the phrase “beauty and brains” couldn’t be more accurate. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a glimpse of this hot and talented sportscaster by checking out Laura Rutledge’s hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!


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