Cotton Bowl 2016: Score, Stats & Live Updates

Final: Alabama 38, Michigan State 0

It was all Crimson Tide over the final 30 minutes as Alabama moves into the national championship game in Glendale against Clemson on January 11. Jake Coker finished 25-for-30 for 286 yards and two touchdowns. Derrick Henry had 75 yards rushing on 20 carries while Calvin Ridley would finish with eight catches for 138 yards. Connor Cook would end his Michigan State career going 18-for-39 for 189 yards as the Spartans rushed for just 29 yards on 26 carries.

4th Quarter- 4:29 left: Connor Cook’s fourth down pass is incomplete and the Spartans won’t score on this possession and it remains a 38-0 game.

4th Quarter- 5:34 left: The Spartans are closing in on a score as Michigan State is now deep in Alabama territory.

4th Quarter- Alabama 38, Michigan State 0: Derrick Henry runs it in from 11 yards out and the Crimson Tide are just embarrassing the Spartans now with 7:52 left.

4th Quarter- 9:10 left: Kenyan Drake breaks free for a 58-yard run for Alabama. This is becoming crazy.

4th Quarter- 10:53 left: The Crimson Tide punt the ball back to Michigan State, who is just looking to avoid being shutout at this point.

4th Quarter- 13:19 left: The Spartans go for it on fourth down and Cook’s pass is incomplete which will give Alabama the ball back.

End of 3rd Quarter: The domination continues for Alabama. Jake Coker is 24-for-29 for 280 yards and two touchdowns for the Crimson Tide while Calvin Ridley has seven catches for 132 yards. Derrick Henry has rushed for 65 yards on 18 carries. Connor Cook is 12-for-25 passing for Michigan State for 142 yards.

3rd Quarter- 2:13 left: The Spartans’ goal at this point should be just scoring some points.

3rd Quarter- Alabama 31, Michigan State 0: The Crimson Tide are pouring it on now. A 50-yard touchdown pass from Coker to Calvin Ridley with 2:20 left in this period of play.

3rd Quarter- Alabama 24, Michigan State 0: A 55-yard punt return touchdown by Cyrus Jones with 3:24 left in the quarter puts the Crimson Tide into screaming distance of the championship game.

3rd Quarter- 6:42 left: Alabama gets a big first down on 3rd-and-11 to move into Michigan State territory.

3rd Quarter- 8:34 left: Michigan State hasn’t been able to get anything going all night long and has to punt again which should allow Alabama to begin running the clock.

3rd Quarter- Alabama 17, Michigan State 0: Jake Coker finds Calvin Ridley in the corner of the end zone from six yards out with 10:36 left in the quarter and the Crimson Tide appear to be in control of this one.

3rd Quarter- 13:48 left: Michigan State commits a key penalty on third down to allow the Alabama drive to continue at the Spartan 30-yard line.

Halftime: Alabama 10, Michigan State 0

A huge momentum shift with the late interception and the Crimson Tide are 30 minutes away from the national title game. Jake Coker is 16-for-20 for 177 yards during a very effective opening half. Derrick Henry has rushed for 38 yards on 13 carries for Alabama. Connor Cook is 9-for-18 for 133 yards for Michigan State but has the key interception to end the half. The Spartans have -9 yards rushing for the game on 13 carries.

2nd Quarter- :06 left: Cyrus Jones picks off Connor Cook at the goal line to end the Michigan State threat.

2nd Quarter- :47 left: The Spartans are in Alabama territory and need to score when the Crimson Tide get the ball to start the second half.

2nd Quarter- Alabama 10, Michigan State 0: Adam Griffith hits a long 47-yard field goal with 1:25 left in the first half to add to the Crimson Tide lead.

2nd Quarter- 2:04 left: Alabama is deep in Michigan State territory looking to add to their lead.

2nd Quarter- 4:04 left: The Spartans can’t respond to the Alabama touchdown and have to punt.

2nd Quarter- Alabama 7, Michigan State 0: Derrick Henry finds his way into the end zone on a one-yard touchdown run with 5:36 left in the first half and the Crimson Tide open the scoring for the night.

2nd Quarter- 8:14 left: Michigan State can’t get into scoring range and Alabama will start from their 20-yard line.

2nd Quarter- 9:16 left: The Spartans finally find their way across midfield.

2nd Quarter- 10:48 left: The Crimson Tide have to punt and the scoreless battle continues in Arlington.

2nd Quarter- 13:12 left: Alabama has worked his way into Michigan State territory behind Henry.

End of 1st Quarter: A scoreless first 15 minutes in the second semifinal. Jake Coker is 6-for-8 for 38 yards in the opening quarter for Alabama while Connor Cook is 3-for-5 for 45 yards for Michigan State. Derrick Henry has 15 yards rushing on five carries for the Crimson Tide.

1st Quarter- 1:51 left: Alabama starts deep in their own territory after a great punt.

1st Quarter- 4:46 left: Felton Davis III catches a long pass from Connor Cook and the first big play of the game goes to the Spartans.

1st Quarter- 5:58 left: The two teams are feeling each other out early on and each have had to punt twice.

1st Quarter- 7:44 left: Derrick Henry gets his first carry of the game. Only took seven minutes.

1st Quarter- 10:25 left: Alabama isn’t able to move the ball far with their first drive of the game either. Michigan State takes the ball back at the 5-yard line.

1st Quarter- 12:41 left: The Spartans can’t get anything going on their first possession of the game and have to punt the game away.


New Year’s Eve brings the college football playoff semifinals this year and the second semifinal game will be at AT&T Stadium in the Cotton Bowl as the No. 2 seed and 12-1 Alabama Crimson Tide face the third-seeded and 12-1 Michigan State Spartans. The Crimson Tide have looked like the best team in the country for a long time now and Derrick Henry is nearing 2,000 rushing yards for the season along with winning the Heisman Trophy. The Spartans needed a 22-play drive in the Big Ten title game to advance to the semifinals and need a big game out of Connor Cook at quarterback. Kickoff is scheduled for just after 8 p.m. Eastern.

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