Lauren Thompson: Hottest Photos Of The Morning Drive Host

Originally hailing from Orlando, Fla, the gorgeous and incredibly talented Lauren Thompson is just an all around knock-out. There’s just something about a hot chick with a blatant love for sports that has a way of sealing the deal every dang time!
Shortly after graduating high school, gorgeous Morning Drive host Lauren Thompson went on to pursue her degree in communications from the University of Central Florida. Although she originally began her career as an actress and model, Lauren landed on the doorsteps of the professional wrestling federation, and happily took on the position of becoming a primary backstage TNA interviewer. It wasn’t until 2009 that Lauren’s beautiful face was showcased on air when she became a host for the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, and we’ve been oogling over her hotness ever since!

From acting, to interviewing, to acting as a host the ever so popular morning talk show Morning Drive, we’ve got a feeling that Lauren Thompson has still got a few tricks stuffed up those gorgeous sleeves of hers! But regardless, she sure is hot, isn’t she?
You can check out the Golf Channel’s Lauren Thompson in her hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below.


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