Hey Look Over Here! Kylie Jenner Got A New Tattoo By Her Butt That You Totally Want To See

I knew you wanted to see this. You’re too easy.
It wouldn’t be a regular work-week for a media company if Kylie Jenner doesn’t make headlines, right? We have a Jenner quota to fill every week, and hopefully this is it.
Biological blow-up doll Kylie Jenner got some new ink this past weekend, convientely placed by her buttox. Wait, so you’re telling me a Kardashian is doing something to draw attention to their butt? Can it possibly be?! NO WAY!
Yes way.
I’m so torn on KJ (that’s what I’m calling her from now on, by the way. This saves me a significant amount of time in the long run, given how much I write about her. But I digress.) So torn. Like I know she’s quite literally 50% plastic, 50% air. And I know that in about a decade or so she’s going to be neither famous nor attractive. Butttttttt am I going to sit here and tell I’m not going to watch her eventual sex tape once, maybe even twice, a day? F*ck no! Of course I going to watch that!  Look at those curves, bruh.
Decision has been made, people. I’m riding the KJ train until it crashes and burns in a glorious blaze.
Oh, right… sorry. For the pervs people who are actually clicked this link because they are curious what the tattoo actually is , it’s phonetic spelling of sanity in red ink. Whoop-dee-doo Basil.

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