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Tweeters Revealed Their Worst Christmas Presents & You’re About To Feel WAY Better About Yourself

Worst Christmas Gifts Twitter


Christmas is officially over, and we can’t say we’re too upset about it. Sure we love the gifts, booze, and Christmas cookies, but with the good, comes the bad. While you get a freepass to get obliterated and gorge yourself on mashed potatoes without judgment, you also have to be extra nice. And that means having to fake excitement when opening up that gift from your grandmother you never actually wanted. Could you do without that neon green nose hair trimmer? Yes. Can you tell her that? No. Can you ask what the hell she was thinking when she picked this sh*t out? Also, no.

The guys over at The Lad Bible decided to capitalize on the mayhem when they asked readers to tweet them photos of their worst Christmas presents. As you can probably imagine, things got weird real quick. But since most grandparents don’t even know what the Internet is, at least they’ll never have to face Twitter’s ugly wrath.

Suddenly that trimmer is looking pretty damn good. Check out the best responses below.

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