WATCH: Sara Jean Underwood Calls For Hot Jedis in New Video

Sara Jean Underwood Jedi


We’ve been talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens for months now, well before we actually saw it and all of those spoilers every a**hole posted online before we could even get to the theater. WE CURSE THE DAY YOU WERE BORN.

But with the hype comes the perks: first is obviously the cosplay fanshello Princess Leia – and now there’s Sara Jean Underwood, who’s keeping up keeping up the momentum in a sexy new video she posted to her Facebook. It may be a little late for a Christmas gift, but we’ll still take it.

Dressed up as a ridiculously sexy Yoda – we know it sounds weird, but trust us when we say she’s a really hot Yoda – Underwood is calling all lonely jedis for some steamy phone lovin’. How ’90s of her.

Check it out in the video below.



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