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The Five Best Apps Every Student Who Owns A Galaxy Tab S2 Should Download


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

[Editor’s Note: We know that you’re currently enjoying your Christmas gifts, but if you have a gift card and are thinking about using it to buy a tablet, think about the Galaxy Tab S2. It’s $100+ cheaper than the comparable iPad Air 2. Here’s one student who would agree with us.]

Being that my Christmas break has just began and that I have a long Penn State-less, party-less, trying to keep my 4.0 GPA-less (just kidding) four weeks ahead of me, I need something to hold my attention so I don’t blow my brains out. That’s why when COED hooked me up with my new Galaxy Tablet S2 two weeks ago, I knew it was fate.

Naturally I downloaded the usual apps… Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Twitter (even though I’m not that much of a Twitter whore anymore), and most importantly, Netflix. The device has unbelievable resolution, and is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver, so I can lie in any and all sleeping positions on my bed and still binge watch Law and Order: SVU on the tablet.

However, I can’t just waste my life away for the next few weeks watching SVU and How To Get Away With Murder, getting fat off of leftover Christmas desserts and New Jersey bagels that I’ve missed way too much. No, I have to find something else to do with my time, so why not experiment on my new tablet.

I’ve come across five new apps that are a necessity if you have a tablet, or any Android device for that matter, that will help get me through my suffering the next few weeks.

#1: Shuffle My Life-Beat Boredom

Now, I know what you’re thinking: What kind of name for an app is that? But don’t tell me you haven’t ever googled, “ what to do when you’re bored,” because this app just does that. This app helps those stuck in a rut with too much routine and not enough activity. Shuffle My life suggests new things to do to get a little variation in your day, from things like write a poem, take a photo of a landmark, read a paper at a café, go for a jog, write someone a letter, write a zombie apocalypse, etc. There’s nothing complex about it, it’s the simplicity about it that makes it fun. You do not need to think, you do not need to do too much, you just pick and choose what you want.

For instance, today it told me to find a picture of my favorite singer, so here it is:

(I’m way too predicatble.)

Another one I came across today is: Clear out all the old/unwanted food and drink from your fridge. Now you only have food you intend to eat, and you might find something you didn’t realize you had!

See, this app helps you be productive too.

#2: Audible for Android

Personally, I love to read, but now that I’m a sophomore in college who declares her major in just a few short weeks, I find it difficult to have the time. Especially since I have no f*cking clue what I want to do with my life. That’s why Audible for Android is an amazing app, you can listen to books on the go from about 150,000 titles, of all different genres. It is perfect for walking to class, going to gym, or instead of watching Netflix before bed, catching up on your new book.

#3: Pocket Points

Now, this app won’t help me with my boredom, but it sure is awesome for college students. It rewards students who keep their smartphones and other electronic devices locked during classes, instead of ignoring the lesson and checking texts and social media. If you are able to avoid the temptation of touching your phone during class, it gives you discounts on local stores near your university, which I think is a good incentive considering more than half of college students are broke as f*ck.

#4: Order Up

Many people have probably heard of Order Up, considering it is the best and most convenient app for college students of all time. Order Up is an app where you can pretty much order food from any restaurant near your university, and an Order Up driver will go and get it for you, and deliver it to your door. So that means college students can become extra lazy and fat, cause they don’t even have to move for food.

I’ve probably spent over $200 on Order Up this semester… no shame.

#5: Define

Define is super cool, because if you’re like me and don’t know how to spell or pronounce words more than 7 letters, or just don’t have the widest vocabulary, Define can help you with that. Even if you’re not that much of a bookworm, think about how much reading you’re doing on your smart device, whether it’s from reading Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or clicking on a link that your friends send you, eventually you’re going to come across a word you do not know.

With Define, all you need to do is highlight the text and press copy, and it brings up a notification, which you can then press to get a definition and usages of the words in question. Pretty sweet for the illiterate like myself.

All in all, my tablet has not only helped me procrastinate starting my application for study abroad this summer by looking at the infinite amount of cool apps, I can use the cool apps as well. It’s a win-win! But hopefully I still make it to Florence.

  • COED Writer