FEELS ALERT: Muslim Man Gives Out Christmas Presents To The Homeless

2015, and the last few months specifically, have been trying times for planet Earth. Between Paris and San Bernadino and all the other tragedies the world has faced this year, it can be tough to find some genuine positivity.

Well, on this Christmas Day, I’ve got a hot load of positivity coming right at your face (LOL).

Youtuber  Nubaid Haroon, also known as Rambo Vlogs on social media, filmed himself giving blankets to people sleeping rough on the streets this winter.

At the beginning of his YouTube clip he admits that as a Muslim, he doesn’t  celebrate Christmas, but wanted to enter into the giving spirit. He is then seen presenting festively wrapped blankets to less fortunate people, including Catherine, who has been homeless for 21 years. Other grateful recipients include ex-solider David, 28, who has been on the streets for three years and Teddy, 47, who has spent 12 years sleeping on the streets.

This hit me directly in both my left and right feels. I love videos like these, especially on Christmas day.


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