The NBA's Inside Stuff Host Kristen Ledlow is a Hot Sportscaster Commodity

Getting her big break shortly after graduating college when she hopped on board with WTXL-TV as a news anchor on the Good News Show, the gorgeous and ever so talented Kristen Ledlow has quickly became one hot sportscaster commodity! From news anchor, to a host on the popular NBATV program Inside Stuff, the world just can’t get enough of what Kristen Ledlow has to offer!
When it comes to sports, NBATV host Kristen Ledlow is a bit of a jack of all trades. Making her way onto our TV screens back in 2014, Kristen may be one smokin’ hot sportscaster, but she’s also worked as both a sports writer and radio host to top it all off! However we must admit, TV was definitely her calling; Kristen Ledlow is simply far too hot to hide behind the scenes.

With all of that hotness, it’s really no surprise that Kristen herself was a bit of an athlete in her youth. While growing up in Florida, this gorgeous sportscaster played volleyball, basketball, and ran both track and cross country. With an impressive diverse list of sports journalism work underneath her belt, NBA sportscaster Kristen Ledlow is one hot and successful sports lovin’ bombshell.
Want to know the best part? You can check out Kristen Ledlow’s hottest Instagram photos on the internet via the gallery below!

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