Hammock Talk: These Are The 5 Best Snap Stories Of The Year

Best Snapchat Stories 2015

Snapchat is our favorite social media app, hands down. With all due respect to Mark Cuban and Cyber Dust, there’s just nothing else like it–particularly when it comes to the Snap Stories.

But not every story is a Snapsterpiece. In our minds, the best ones either come from consistent pros, or they were taken in the right place at the right time.

Technically speaking, recording snaps is a no-no but sometimes the situation calls for it. Recently, people have even been downloading their own stories and uploading them to YouTube themselves. And for that, we’re thankful. Because now we get to relive these five AMAZING moments from Snapchat over and over again without paying a dollar.

2015 was a HUGE year for Snapchat, but these were the biggest moments from the users. Check out the five best (and pretty much funniest) snapchat stories of the year below:

5. College Gym Safari Tour on Snapchat

The guy’s name is Tristan and he’s actually a student at USC, so hats off to the guy for creating himself a nice little brand while he’s still in school. The first video that put him on the map was this admittedly hilarious “Safari Tour” of the bros working out at the gym.

This could have gone either way, but we’ve got to shout him out since it actually worked out well.

4. MMA Fighter Uirjah Faber Records Home Intruder Who Poops Everywhere

What do you do when some crazy woman who you don’t even know walks into your house? Call 911. Unless you’re a well-renowned MMA fighter, in which case you should start Snapchatting the encounter and only then call the police once she locks herself in the bathroom and poops everywhere.

3. Girl “Saves” Turtle, Is Actually Tortoise That She Drowned

Truthfully this is probably one of my ten favorite stories of the year, but I had to relegate it to #3 because it’s too short. That being said, if you can’t laugh at this we’re not friends.

The backstory is that this girl is on break from her job when she sees what she thinks is a turtle on the ground. So quick thinking, she saves it. And like all animal lovers, she can’t do it without telling anyone. Except there’s a problem. That’s a tortoise, not a turtle. And tortoises can’t swim.

“Turtle saving’s a hobby!”

2. Guy Who Gets A Job At Snapchat

If you’re trying to get a job on Snapchat, one way to get their attention is to make an awesome Snapchat video resume. We actually don’t know whether or not he got the job, but this video is definitely something that shows he’s willing to go above and beyond.

1. DJ Khaled Lost at Sea

You probably saw this one coming away, but there’s no way we can talk about great Snapchat videos without including the greatest late-comer to game: DJ Khaled. And his incredible epic of getting lost on a jetski in the dark is easily our favorite.

Kahled loves giving people the keys to success, sharing wisdom in his hammock talk, and showing people his absurdly out of shape body. But it’s all love and there’s a lot to be said for staying positive when everyone’s trying to be negative.

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