Kavita Channe: Hottest Photos Of The Fox Sports Reporter On The Internet

London born and bred with an incredibly hot ethnic background consisting of a mix of both Greek and Indian heritage, Fox Sports reporter Kavita Channe is not only an incredibly talented reporter, but she also tops the charts by easing being one of the sexiest sports casters around. All of that personality coupled with those good looks; this woman could make anyone interested in a little bit of athleticism!
Kavita is by no means a newb when it comes to the sports sector. Before hopping on board with Fox Sports, she spent some time as a team correspondent for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, and even has her own show titled 1st Down & Dirty in which writes, produces, and directs various parodies and interviews with some of the hottest athletes in the industry. Oh, and she’s also made her way onto a few TV show’s as well just to top it all off.

Judging by the fact that her Instagram account features numerous photos of her doing some pretty dang impressive yoga moves, it appears as though Kavita has a bit of an athletic side herself! Or well, maybe she just enjoys looking hot as can be; that’s always a possibility too. If the thought of this woman showing off her super-hot yoga skills doesn’t grab your attention we don’t know what will!

Go ahead and get a glimpse of this gorgeous Fox Sports reporter by checking out her hottest Instagram photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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