5 Ways The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Saved My Life During Finals Week

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Finals week — the bane of every college student’s existence. It’s the one week where it’s completely normal to see students passed out on random surfaces all around campus, and to see student’s puling all-nighters with nothing but coffee and Redbull to sustain them. This week can be defined in one simple word: Hell.

In the middle of hell week, some students turn to prayer, some students turn to Adderall, but me? I decided to take a slightly different approach… I turned to my brand new tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 saved my life in more ways than one.

Here are the 5 ways my Tab S2 saved my finals week:

1. The Easy Note Taking Capabilities.

As someone who has always been a die-hard Apple fan, I was shocked and amazed to find that unlike my iPhone, which only has a “Notes” app to jot down quick reminders, my tablet came fully equipped with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and basically everything else a student needs to take notes and study.

2. The Big Screen

The 8-inch screen is exactly the perfect size for a million things. It’s roughly the same size as a book, so reading my textbooks and notes online felt more natural than reading them on a clunky laptop. And when I needed to de-stress from the hectic storm that is finals week, I crawled into bed and watched Netflix on my tablet. I mean, studying is hard; I deserve to treat myself to one episode (or five) of The Office, right?

3. The Camera

The amazingly clear camera came in so clutch. I mean, I could take the time to write out everything the professor is saying, OR I could simply take a picture of the notes on his blackboard with my tablet and then go back to stalking Justin Beiber’s Instagram and pretending to pay attention whenever the professor looked my way. One of these is clearly the better option.

4. The Size

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s walking around campus with a giant laptop in my bag, weighing down my purse and causing an ache in my shoulder. The Galaxy Tab S2 is so light it’s like you’re not carrying anything at all, and it’s slender enough to fit in even the skinniest of backpacks. No longer will I have to walk around with a huge bag looking like “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Now I can slide my tablet into one of my favorite purses and be out of my dorm faster than ever.

5. The Apps

Even with the Microsoft Office applications already installed onto the tablet, sometimes finals week calls for more than just a word document. I was able to create a “Finals Week” folder on my tablet with ease that included life-saving apps like “Evernote and Quizlet”. With “Google Documents” I was able to share notes with my friends in classes and receive notes from them as well. With YouTube I was able to watch lectures online that were much easier to understand than whatever babble my professors were spewing. I like to think that my “Finals Week” app folder single-handedly helped me pass Microeconomics, because trust me, I couldn’t have done it on my own.

Don’t resort to energy drinks next semester. Get smart and get yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and save yourself some stress.

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